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60-Minute Distance Healing Session


One animal per session
You are not 🚫 on the phone with Mary
  • 45-minute Energy Healing session
  • 15-minute follow-up communication
  • Follow-up by phone and voicemail: Mary calls you 45 minutes after the start of the session. (for example, if you choose a follow-up by phone or voicemail and the session begins at 10:00 am, Mary will call at 10:45 am). If unable to talk at this time, she will leave a voicemail report
  • Follow-up by email:
    Mary will email you within 24 hours

60-Minute Phone Healing Session


One animal per session
📞 You are on the phone with Mary
  • 60-Minute Energy Healing Session for your animal companion
  • No energy medicine coaching is included
  • Phone Healing Sessions provide you with a deeper understanding of what happens during sessions. You will learn how to create and hold sacred space so your pet can feels your support, which can help them heal
  • The follow-up communication is included in the 60-Minute Phone Session

60-Minute Coaching
& Healing Session


One animal per session
📞 You are on the phone with Mary
  • 60-Minute Energy Medicine Coaching & Healing Session to benefit your animal
  • I will provide healing as well as teach and guide you how to heal your pet 
  • Coaching & Healing Sessions are especially helpful when you and your animal take on or mirror each other's symptoms, and when you want to learn Amara Energy Medicine methods
  • The follow-up communication is included in the 60-Minute Coaching Call

More Session Information

Additional Consult Time: $30 / 15 minutes
Sometimes it’s important to talk with Mary beyond the 60-minute session, or you may have more questions. Additional Consult Time is any guidance or consulting beyond the time included in the session or follow-up, up to 15 minutes.

Emergencies: $50 additional fee
As much as we do not like to think about it, emergencies do happen. In such cases, this fee will be added to the price of the session.

Please Click Here to Contact Mary to see if she has space available for your emergency request.

Before the Session Begins
Mary asks that you create a quiet space for your animal companion to be relaxed and comfortable.

Mary Sets the Intention That Healing is in Your Animal’s Highest Good
She sets this intention because it isn't always in someone’s highest good to heal. Mary will let you know if she senses this is happening.

There may be an opportunity for your pet to learn something that is offered through the experience of illness or injury.

They may be taking on issues for you or a family member.

Sometimes they have completed their life purpose and are ready to leave their physical body.

What Happens During Sessions?
Mary connects with your animal companion’s energetic, or spirit body.

She uses a variety of Distance / Remote Energy Medicine techniques, tools, and practices to help them release past emotions or trauma, and stuck or dense energy that causes physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual issues.

Energy Medicine gets these congested areas moving again, bringing balance back to the body.

What Happens After a Session?
If you have a Distance Session follow-up, Mary will either call, leave a voicemail, or email you depending on the option you chose on the Appointment Form.

Be sure to provide a quiet space in case your animal friend is tired after the session, and have a fresh bowl of water in case they are extra thirsty.

Will My Animal Companion Get Better, Will Their Life Get Better?
Symptoms are usually relieved or disappear completely.

Chronic conditions may require more frequent sessions in the beginning, then decreasing frequency as symptoms improve.

Many people and their animals mirror each other's illnesses, conditions, or past unhealed traumas. When this happens, it can take longer to heal and it's essential for you and your animal companion to continue working with Mary.

Your sacred relationship is no coincidence.

This is an opportunity for both of you to shift and heal, together.

Will Energy Medicine Help at the End of Life?
Yes. Energy brings relief and comfort in the final days and helps with the transitioning process by "clearing the way" so the spirit can leave the body easily and without the struggle.


The Benefits of Energy Medicine

Energy Healing is helpful for healing conditions that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Benefits may include:

  • Heal from past abuse, neglect
  • Enhanced energy and vitality
  • Release energies of overwhelm, fear, anxiety, depression
  • Physical & emotional health
  • Release old patterns and past life patterns
  • Relaxation and improved sleep
  • Balance chakras
  • End of life

Click Here for a List of Benefits

An English Bulldog with an icepack on his head and thermometer in his mouth

What are Healing Reactions?

Occasionally after a session, your pet may experience a healing reaction. While healing, toxins are released causing symptoms similar to the
old condition or emotional issue, but in a diminished form.

This is temporary, usually lasting only a couple of days. If your companion experiences a reaction, it is a positive sign that the old condition
is moving and healing is occurring.

a blue eyed cat looking at an ipad

Is Mary Communicating
with My Animal?

Although Mary has had training
in animal communication, the words and images she receives are spontaneous and specific to the healing session to let her know that healing is happening. They are not actual conversations with your animal companion.

She shares this information with you.


a dog with a shocked look that does not want his appointment canceled


Please let Mary know at least 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full session fee.

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