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Hi, I'm Mary Amara

I help women animal lovers empower and shift their own health, and their pet’s health without the financial stress, helplessness, or guilt when symptoms can’t be diagnosed, conditions don’t heal, and when getting healthier and having more energy feel out of reach.

I have taught thousands of women and their beloved animal companions to heal chronic and life-threatening conditions after doctors and veterinarians had said it wasn't possible.

Once their healing potential awakens, they go on to live richer, longer, happier, and healthier lives, together.


“Mary is a miracle worker! On Saturday, I took [my dog] Kev in for a blood draw. Previously, his liver enzyme count was over 800, which is way off the chart. I thought I was going to lose him. It is now down to 18, which is within the normal levels. The vet is thrilled and so am I!

“I just wanted to write to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us with Augen’s [my dog] foot. We had him re-x-rayed and the bone deformity is completely gone!! I just can’t thank you enough for us not having to cut off his toe! Take care & God Bless.”

"My horse Harley suffered severe head trauma three years ago and as a result, he had a bad case of headshaking that was not able to be cured through regular veterinary work. Endless amounts of chiropractic adjustments and veterinary evaluations left Harley with this mysterious condition. After only a few sessions with Mary, the headshaking is almost gone!"

“I have complete faith in Mary’s healing abilities with people and animals! After one session, the pain that had been in my hip for a year was gone. She then worked on my horse, who had a very sore lump on his shoulder. One session... gone!”
Asia Voight
Professional Animal Communicator, Teacher, Speaker, Author

“I was in the hospital for five weeks with a big bed sore that was not healing, and I was in extreme pain. Within two weeks after working with Mary, my bed sore healed. For 35 years, I had a large bulge on my knee from an old injury – after one session, the knee swelling disappeared. I am walking, and after four months in the nursing home, I am going home next week! I feel that Mary helped my faith, and I now know miracles do happen.”

“I wish I had a good picture of the absent look in [my horse] Dakota’s eyes when I got her compared to the light in her eyes now...she could be a poster child for ‘Never Give Up.’ Even the splits in her front hooves are completely gone. It is clear that her whole being is healing from the inside out!
Thank you.

"Last week he just wasn’t himself and was awful far away, but then after your treatment, he seemed much more grounded and peaceful. Then within 48hrs, he was back to his springy little extended trot. Potter [my dog] has been absolutely fantastic! The difference was obvious and remarkable!
Patty Glover, DVM, CVSMT, CVA

"When Mary began sessions for Cleo [my cat], she had great difficulty breathing, would sneeze and sniffle all the time, and found herself a very grumpy cat. Now Cleo breathes easily and acts like a young and happy cat again.
Jane Thomas, Author

I had sharp pain in the bladder area, and right ankle and foot (it had been getting worse to walk and put weight on it.) I also had pain in my left arm. While you were sending me healing energy, I could feel the energy flowing through me. After my session, all of the pains were gone.”

5 Keys to Heal & Checklist for You and Your Animal Companions