I can help you unlock your and your animal's Healing Potential.

Private Healing Sessions are also open to men and their animal companions.

Are you or your animal companion struggling with illness or conditions that won't heal?

Do tests come back "inconclusive" or show that bloodwork is normal, but you or they still don't feel well? 

Are you aging faster than you'd like to? 

Are your pet's symptoms mirroring yours?


I'm committed to helping you awaken your Healing Potential, so you and
your animal companion can have Longer, Happier, and Healthier Lives, together. 


Mary Amara

Mary's Story from Illness to Health


a close up photo of Mary smiling

"You'll be dead in a year if you don't change something."

I sat slumped in a chair in my naturopath's office with barely enough strength to keep my body from sliding onto the floor. My skin was gray, organs were shutting down, and my immune system no longer functioned.

I felt completely helpless, wondering how did my life get so off track that my body, which used to have abundant energy, was now filled with life-threatening illnesses?

Then she said, "I promise you, Mary, that if you follow the steps I teach you, your body will heal."

She mapped out the journey I'd take and promised me that within 6 weeks of me diligently making changes, there would be proof in my test results.

Hope was the first healing tool she taught me that day.

By knowing what my body was capable of when I didn't, the seed of hope she planted that day raised my energy. It inspired me to stay on track and continue changing my life until I was able to stop taking the 11 medications I had been on for years.

As my energy raised higher, one by one, every illness left my body and it became healthy again.

Along my healing journey, I created my The Amara Healing Method™, as well as other healing methods such as Conscious Embodiment Breathwork™,
Conscious Compassion Healing Method™,
and the  Emotional Fathoming Healing Method™, which have helped clients shift and heal from things they thought were impossible. 

I look forward to helping you and your companions unlock your Healing Potential for Longer, Happier & Healthier Lives.

What Clients Say

a woman and dog smiling

“I have complete faith in Mary’s healing abilities with people and animals! After one session, the pain that had been in my hip for a year was gone. She then worked on my horse, who had a very sore lump on his shoulder. One session… gone!”
Asia Voight
Professional Animal Communicator
, Author, Teacher, Speaker

a dog that walked and trotted much better after energy medicine sessions

“Thank you so very much Mary. Last week Harry Potter just wasn’t himself and was "far away" and then after your treatment he seemed much more grounded and peaceful. Then within 48 hours he was back to his springy little extended trot. I truly appreciate your notes on his treatment and am full of gratitude for his angelic healing team, of which you are one. Potter has been absolutely fantastic! The difference was obvious and remarkable!

Patty Glover, DVM, CVSMT, CVA

a woman and her horse after the horse healed emotional trauma

“Mary, Brahmi is amazing!!! In the past she stood in a hay pile and didn’t move all day. She has become so much more social since you took away so much of the negative past she carried. My heart was overwhelmed seeing her canter across the ridge and then turn a corner heading straight up with three horses following her. I have told everyone! about the work you do. I hope more people benefit from your gift.”

Barb Riffle, LMT, ESMT, CST-T

a dog whose foot healed with energy medicine and did not have to have surgery

“I just wanted to write to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us with Augen’s foot. We had him re-x-rayed and the bone deformity is completely gone and the vets don’t know why!! I just can’t thank you enough for us not having to cut off his toe! Take care & God Bless.”

Laura Lee Lotto & Augen
Astrological Health Coach Intuitive

Energy Medicine Explained

an atom with electricity around it

What is Energy Medicine?

E = mc2

Energy Medicine is a variety of healing techniques that use Energy to move and raise the vibration in your body.

This can be done using “Hands-On" Healing in-person with a practitioner,
or remotely using Distance Healing.
Both are equally effective.

As your body's vibration rises, lower energies such as illness, injury, and unhealthy patterns begin to shift in positive ways, resulting in improved health.

palms of hands cupped and holding sparkling light

How Does it Work?

Everything is Energy
Including Your Body

Physical, emotional, and spiritual
issues are related to low energy
and lack of energy flow in the body
as a result of old trauma, mindset, and even ancestral and family patterns passed down through generations.

Since these are lower in vibration,
as you learn to connect with
Higher Energy, I'll teach you),
they go away, resulting in health.

They cannot live where
the vibration is higher.

a woman pulling back the cover which reveals a bright and sunny landscape

Old World vs New World Healing

Old World Way:
Medication and surgery were seen
as the only solution because
disease and injury were thought
to be physical issues only.

New World Way:
Today, we know the body is both
physical matter and Energy.

To heal fully so unwanted conditions don't return, your body needs to be treated Physically, Emotionally, Mentally (mindset shifts), Spiritually, and Energetically.

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Energy Medicine basics for you and your animal companions
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